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Homemade Cheez-Its

Remember last week I confessed my love of cheesy carbs? It's a real thing. Case in point: two cheesy snacks back to back. Cheeze-its. Goldfish. Cheddar Bunnies. I love them all. They're the kind of snacks someone will have to physically take out of my hands before I eat the whole bag in one sitting. It's a problem. I'd had making a homemade version in the back of my mind for awhile now, … [Read More...]


Nutella Protein Smoothie

I don't know if it's because I've been binge watching The Americans all week or because the weather is slightly chilly but I've been on a sugar kick lately. And it's time to cut back. Obviously judging from the title though, I'm taking baby steps to cutting out sugar. It's a process... Last week I did some meal prep and made some smoothie packets to keep in the freezer for days when I … [Read More...]

Garlic Cheddar Biscuits | longdistancebaking.com

Garlic Cheddar Breadsticks

The past month my roommate and I have been taking a cake decorating class (more on that later...), meaning we each have to make a cake and frosting every week for this 8 week class. Meaning we have TWO cakes sitting in our house at all times. While we've been giving a lot of it away, can you blame me for not craving any sweets lately? There is one thing I never get tired of though. And that … [Read More...]


Fudgy Mint Brownies

Guys, I made mint chocolate chip ice cream this weekend. It didn't quite turn out... The mint flavor was great! And I have a thing about mint chocolate chip ice cream needing to be green (I don't like white mint chocolate chip ice cream- I don't … [Read More...]

Sour Cream Coffee Cake | longdistancebaking.com

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

I just love coffee cake. It reminds me of lazy Sundays, drinking coffee and planning out the day. While traditional cake is not seen as an acceptable breakfast item, add the word coffee to the title and it's suddenly a-okay, encouraged … [Read More...]

egg salad

Egg Salad

Long Distance Baking is primarily a baking blog but we like to occasionally spice it up and include non-desserts. Yep, we're rebels like that ;) About a few weeks ago, my Aunt Paula gave me an early birthday gift of old-fashioned kitchen tools … [Read More...]

Homemade Fruity Granola | longdistancebaking.com

Homemade Fruity Granola

Once I finally made my own homemade granola and saw how easy and delicious it was...I knew there was no going back. I've had ideas in my head for all different kinds of mix ins and variations of granola, just waiting to finish up each batch so I can … [Read More...]

heart pies

Mini Nutella Heart Pies

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! If I had planned better, I would have made this recipe prior to Valentine's Day so you could have made and enjoyed them too... Sorry! Good thing Nutella can be enjoyed year round! As in, good thing you never … [Read More...]

Bright Cellars: A Monthly Wine Club with personalized wines delivered to your door! | longdistancebaking.com

Bright Cellars Review | A Monthly Wine Club

Let's get this out in the open: I love wine. We always have wine in the house and I don't believe it needs a special occasion to be opened. I have an overflowing shelf of corks, just waiting for a craft night. My family constantly posts wine related … [Read More...]