Cinnamon Sugar Almonds

The Giants are in the World Series!! The 3rd time in 5 years!! And I went to Game 4! We sure are spoiled as Giants fans :) So in honor of game 6 tonight (watching the game as I write this and trying to keep the tears from spilling on my keyboard...), I decided to make Cinnamon Sugar Almonds. I know what you're thinking, "Gee, Kelly, that's really random." And you'd be right because Cinnamon … [Read More...]

Turtle Brownies | longdistancebaking.com

Turtle Brownies

Sometimes you just need chocolate. Rich, dark, ooey-gooey chocolate. With maybe some caramel deliciousness. And nuts. Lots of nuts. I used to be a firm believer in always keeping a box of brownie mix on hand. You never know when that craving will strike! I'm happy to say though, I've been converted to an "always from scratch" brownie person, and think you should too. It barely takes any … [Read More...]


Candy Bar Fudge

Halloween is in one week. One week! How the heck are we already at Halloween?!? Although I no longer dress up, nothing will top 6th grade when my best friend Lauren and I were a bunch of grapes and blew up purple balloons and pinned them to our clothes, I do appreciate that during the last two weeks of October mini candy bars are of abundance. Hence the need to make Candy Bar Fudge! Again, … [Read More...]

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Grandma’s Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's funny, but I don't remember my grandma baking cookies. Like...ever. I remember her making homemade tortillas without a recipe. I remember her teaching me to add sugar to my "healthy" cereals to make them taste better. I remember her house … [Read More...]


M&M Cookies

I love dessert but I don't usually eat candy. I'll get Junior Mints at the movies and occasionally I'll crave a Snicker's or a Reese's Fastbreak or just a plain Reese's. But if I had to choose one candy to snack on, I'd choose M&Ms. So when I as … [Read More...]

Classic Homemade Pesto | longdistancebaking.com

Classic Homemade Pesto

Guyyyssss. I'm confused on my seasons. Yes, I L.O.V.E. Fall. Clearly, it's been all pumpkin everything over here lately. Yet now, I'm bringing you pesto. I don't know about where you guys live, but we've been having a gorgeous fall here in … [Read More...]


Chocolate Chip Cookies: The Bakery Style

Guys, I met Brekin Meyer last night. Like actually met him as in shook his hand and talked to him. I didn't think I would be so excited but after my friend almost ran him over in the parking garage of the movie theater, I was so excited that it was … [Read More...]

Pear Whiskey Ginger | longdistancebaking.com

Pear Whiskey Ginger

"She likes whiskey with her water". "Every time you kiss me it's like sunshine and whiskey". "We could straight up blame it on the whiskey". "She's my little whiskey girl". Not to brag…but pretty sure all of those country songs were written with … [Read More...]

Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes | longdistancebaking.com

One Year Blogiversary!

Yesterday was Long Distance Baking's 1st Blogiversary!! We can't believe that we have been blogging for a year now and can't wait to try out some new recipes in year 2! Below are some of our popular posts from our first year: Most … [Read More...]